RUIOL CASTEI, NANI DEI BERTI and XZERO by Follador Prosecco dal 1769 have scooped the ‘DOUBLE GOLD’ awards, the highest accolades for wine quality awarded worldwide by the GILBERT & GAILLARD 2023 International Challenge, for the second consecutive year. The world’s best sommeliers, who make up Bailly’s commission, had no hesitation when it came to recognising the quality of the offerings from the Col San Martino-based company, giving a fresh boost to the industrious nature of the entire team.

The international accolades and awards bestowed by highly experienced experts make Follador Prosecco dal 1769 a global ambassador for Valdobbiadene, the award-winning recipe of which is a combination of 250 years of history, great vitality and a close bond with its homeland.

 “We are extremely satisfied with the great results and international success our team has been achieving over the last few years - says Cristina Follador, the company’s sales and marketing director - for us, every day is a quest for detail to define a well-defined and distinctive character in each wine.

Investing in a journey of innovation and research into new tastes, to bring the public closer to the complex and fascinating world of D.O.C.G. wines, the creativity of the Follador Prosecco team stems from the family’s extensive know-how, handed down for over two centuries and with a marked focus on dialogue with new generations.

To transform its wines into the story of the essence of the Valdobbiadene Hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the company applies the Gianfranco Follador® Method in the production of all its labels, a specific procedure to safeguard the exclusive nature of its products that involves unique, specific steps in vinification, capable of enhancing all the organoleptic qualities on the palate, while upholding high standards of excellence.